Welcome!  I haven't been doing the blog.  I will try and do better.  I will try and make it a place where the information is fresh. 😻  Right now there is nothing new to report. Stay tuned! . 

Open House     Kravchenko Siberians will be holding an *Open House* on Saturday March 24, 2012 from 1 PM to 4 PM. There will be three kittens present. These babies are looking forward to meeting and greeting the attendees. In Celebration we will be offering the public free, limited allergy testing. Special pricing on these kittens will be offered during this event. For pictures and more information visit this link

New Babies

Yesterday September 3, 2011 two new Siberian kittens were born here at the Kravchenko Pet Nursery!  There is one Red Mackerel Tabby Male and one color point female.  I can't say what color she is because all color points are born without the points on their ears legs mask and tail.  Id she is dark I will see the points in a few days. If she is going to be a red or cream point it will take awhile longer.  They were born on my brother Alan's Birthday!  How cool is that?   

awesome cat video

Second kitty to Lima Peru

Saturday, I succeeded in getting a second kitten delivered to Lima Peru.  Doing international sales can be complicated.  The more I do them the easier it gets. The kitten is a seal lynx point Siberian and the family is VERY happy!

Potential Treatment for FIP

Potential Treatment for FIP Shared via AddThis
Potential Treatment for FIP Shared via AddThis Definitely worth the read